im watching last nights episode because i have absolutely nothing else better to do and im literally in shock at how rude they’re being to elissa like shes being kicked down and she was telling the truth about amanda and andys literally screaming at her calling her a liar amazing a+ great person

It is Finale night… Spencer was just evicted leaving GM and Andy in the final 2. Julie begins to speak…

"Houseguests… we are down to the Final 2… Ginamarie, Andy, in a moment you will have a chance to tell each of the jury members why you deserve the half million dollar grand prize.

However, it won’t really matter, as you might have realized two of our nine jury members are absent.

The rest of the jury already had their minds made up long before we were down to the final 2, and the keys have already been locked in… I will now pull the keys:

1 vote for Elissa

1 vote for Amanda

2 votes for Elissa

3 votes for Elissa

2 votes for Amanda

3 votes for Amanda

and the final key… is missing?”

Spencer then stands up and raises both of the keys above his head, bellowing "This is Spencer and I will always have the keys."

"Well I guess this means we have a tie, congratulations ladies, you both have won the 500k grand prize, along with the second place 50k prize and Spencer’s 10k. We will also be taking Andy’s whopping $98 dollars. Ladies, come out and claim your prize."